Family Fun and Cake Too!

Rome: “Hey you gotta write a post about last weekend”

Laura: “I’m tired, do I have to do it now?”

R: “Yes! It’s almost the next weekend, people are gonna be all confused.”

L: “Fine, what did we do?”

R: “Ummm…. ate burgers and stuff?”

L:  “Right, at five guys! That place was great.”

R: “Yeah, you know president Obama eats there!”

L: “Yes I know, you kept saying that the whole time.”

R: “Then we finished driving to your parent’s place, and your dad got me a congrats on the new job cake! It was really tasty!”

L: “Yum, chocolate ganache.”

L: “Then you went nutso on my mom’s kindergarten’s class computers!”

R: “Well it was just a simple upgrade… at first…”

L: “It took 10 and a half hours!”

R: “But you have to admit they are running better with a new OS on them right?”

L: “That’s true, they are running great.”

R: “Your mom needs to get some adult sized chairs around there though.”

R: “Your dad also made us some awesome dinners.”

L: “Yup, mizutake and korean ribs, with Kris and Kelly’s recipe.”

R: “Mmmmmmm… such good foods. I ate so much that weekend. Good times.”

L: “Definitely good times, now back to the week…”

R: “Ummm… I’ve been off all this week and you are posting this on a Thursday night, the weekend is almost here.”

L: “Haha. True.”