That's a Wrap

Well the time has finally come. After three and a half years, I’m moving on from my job at Linden Lab. Today is my last day, so last night Laura came and picked me up. Together we cleaned out my desk. We were both surprised at some of the stuff I’ve accumulated over the many months, here’s a slide show of the highlights:

  1. A USB missile defense system - You gotta protect your desk somehow right?
  2. A back massage pillow - I won this in a white elephant exchange back in Christmas of `08.
  3. A Starcraft marine figurine - OK this is from Blizzcon.
  4. A mini helicopter - A birthday present from my dad in `09. Great for annoying co-workers.
  5. A 5x5 Rubik’s Cube - Surprisingly this is one of two 5x5 Rubik’s cubes I own. Number I’ve solved… zero.
  6. A thing that opens those ridiculous plastic packages that everything comes in! - Purchased for me off my Amazon wish list. It works OK, but not as great as one might have hoped.
  7. A little wooden dude - Brought back for me as a souvenir from a friend’s trip to Hawaii.

In a week, I start my new gig and also a new collection. Maybe this time some of the stuff will actually be work related.